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The Truth About Ferguson

First off, let’s make something clear. This post is not about the actual shooting of Michael Brown, nor the validity of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson. This post is about the deeper issue that has tacitly pervaded American culture for decades, revealing itself to public scrutiny¬†only in phasic culminations of racial … Continue reading

#Forward #FiredUp #FourMore: How Twitter Revolutionized Election Night

As the election night frenzy came to a close, I still found myself with a lot of questions. Will Obama succeed in uniting this politically divided country? Is the GOP dead? Will they consider abandoning their conservative ways and move back to centre? What will become of Mitt’s binders full of women? When will flag … Continue reading

Yes, the President is black! And yes, it matters!

I came across an article today about a man from Boone County, Indiana who put up a Halloween display that sparked a great deal of outrage from his community. The controversial display included a stuffed body being hung by a noose, the face wore an Obama mask. This vivid depiction of the President’s death incited … Continue reading